Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Airbus-Anschlag: Guantanamo-Häftlinge stecken dahinter!

WASHINGTON – Ermittler machen Jagd auf die Hintermänner des vereitelten Anschlags auf den Delta-Flug 253. Sie stiessen dabei auf die Spur zweier Ex-Häftlinge des US-Gefangenenlagers Guantanamo.


IGD/ZMD-Ikhwanis Verbieten said...

Über die wieder Terror-aktiven Gitmo-Insassen mit der Häftlings-Nummer 333 und 372, Muhamad Attik Al-Harbi und Said Ali Shari gibt es ein sehr profundes Profiling, das von Evan Kohlmann erstellt wurde. Mit Fotos.
Der Titel ist:
Guantanamo Veterans
Returning to the Fight
Evan F. Kohlmann
NEFA Senior Investigator
February 2009

Die Namensschreibweise divergiert:
• Saeed Ali Jabir al-Kathim al-Shehri (a.k.a. “Abu Sufyan al-Azdi”,
“Abu Asma”) Nr 272
• Mohammed Ateeq Owaid al-Awfi al-Harbi (a.k.a. “Abul-Hareth
Mohammed al-Awfi”) Nr 333
Kohlmann beleuchtet darin intelligence-Materialien und Aussagen der Täter. Immer mit dem Ergebnis, dass alle 11 nach Saudiarabien überstellte Häftlinge weiterhin ein Sicherheitsrisiko darstellen.


IGD/ZMD-Ikhwanis Verbieten said...

al-Harbi hat bei seiner vernehmung recht deutliche Drohungen ausgestoßen, die für jedermann unzeifelhaft seine gefährlichkeit bezeugen mussten:zitiert aus E. Kohlmann:
Less than six months after returning to Saudi Arabia, Mohammed al-Harbi fled with a
group of other Saudi Al-Qaida members to sanctuary in neighboring Yemen. It is not known
when, how, or why al-Harbi was able to escape the custody of the Saudi government. On
January 23, 2009, the Al-Fajr Media Center published new video footage of joint sermons
delivered by a group of Saudi and Yemeni Al-Qaida leaders in a recording titled, “From Here We
Will Begin and in Al-Aqsa We Shall Meet.” One of the men featured in the video was former
Gitmo detainee Mohammed al-Harbi, carrying the official title of “Field Commander of the Al-
Qaida Organization in the Arabian Peninsula.”185 During his speech, al-Harbi threatened:
“I say to America’s collaborators… the Saudis… the
grenade of our brother Ali al-Mabadi, may Allah have
mercy upon him, is in our hands, and by Allah, we shall
fulfill his oath or die trying—unless you seek forgiveness
from Allah for the war that you are waging against
Islam and the Muslims. And we warn our imprisoned
brothers to avoid the ‘attention and advice program’
which is administered by the ignorant oppressor
Mohammed Bin Nayef and his criminal helpers like Dai
Turki al-Atayan—who headed the delegation of
psychological investigators sent to Cuba, and helped
the Americans to conduct psychological examinations
and to extract confessions from us using psychiatric
methods employed in the prisons of Saudi Arabia
against the mujahideen. [These methods are used] in
order to persuade us to stray from Islam and our path
using every tool and method through the plan of
advice… Finally, we say to the Christian countries which are preparing for war in Saudi Arabia and
which are supporting the Christian war against the Muslims: by Allah, we are surely coming for
you! By Allah, we are surely coming for you! We are walking the path of our former brothers, like
Shaykh Yousef al-Ayyiri, Shaykh Esa al-Awshin, Khaled al-Haj, Turki al-Dandani, Ali al-Mabadi, and
other lions of Allah who have been slain in Saudi Arabia. And we say to the police and [internal]
investigations [system] of the Saudis, and to those who guard the Jews and the Christians: repent
to Allah for the deception and treachery that you are culpable for when you guard the entrances to
their embassies, their secret temples, their population centers, and their military and intelligence
bases. The one who gives fair warning cannot [afterwards] be blameworthy, O’ servants of the
Dirham and the Dinar.”

IGD/ZMD-Ikhwanis Verbieten said...

Korrektur zu comment 1

• Saeed Ali Jabir al-Kathim al-Shehri (a.k.a. “Abu Sufyan al-Azdi”,
“Abu Asma”) Nr 372