Monday, August 23, 2010

Obamas Tower

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IGD/ZMD-Ikhwanis Verbieten said...

MAS, die US-Ikhwan-Organisation redet davon, sie seien Gute Gachbarn und zieht mal wieder, im Zusammenhang der Ground-Zero-Mosque, seine Islompphobie-Kampagne vom Leder.
Hier mein comment dazu:
Good neighborhood in reality means not to be active as a Muslim Brotherhood network and for that islamofashism ideology of the Ikhwan, also as Hamas-affilations and in terror fiancing for Hamas, as MAS is doing in truth. We know your tactics "by Allah HIMSELF": "War is deceit". But it no longer works. In fact, Ikhwan islamists are fighting the West. And the Western Civilisation will be victorious in the long run. All Muslims too will realize that: Islam from your side is nothing else but a simple war machine. Your jihad is bull shit!